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How to Become a Cybersecurity Professional with Accredited Training, Hands-on Skills and Recognized Certifications In Just 3-6 Months, Without Leaving Your Job or Even Your Home!

(…even if you have no previous cybersecurity skills, job experience or college degree!)

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Software developers, system admins, network engineers…

  • You have at least 1-2 years of real-life IT experience.

  • You have a solid professional and educational background.

  • You are already making a minimum 40K USD or more.

  • You are ready to take massive action to succeed.


Does any of this sounds like you?

  • You are a high performer and you know you can be more, do more and have more. But currently you feel stuck in your career and it’s not working for you.

  • You have a passion and high level of interest in cybersecurity careers, and you’d like to make a career change towards it.

  • You don’t know how to make this career transition as fast as possible. You are not sure which steps to take, in what order and how.

  • You have many responsibilities and you have limited time. You don’t want to go back to college, waste your time with useless online videos.


How we help

  • We provide accredited cybersecurity training and recognized certifications in a bootcamp format, so you’ll build the skills you want.

  • You will get real-life, hands-on skills with step by step practical labs so you know you are not just following, but you are progressing and growing.

  • We offer on the job experience through our partners so you’ll build your CV along the way.

  • You will get your CV designed and learn everything about finding the cybersecurity job you want. You will bypass gatekeepers like recruiters and hiring managers with intelligent career upgrade strategies.

  • You will be closely monitored and mentored by cybersecurity experts, so your success is guaranteed as long as you follow the program.

A totally different career

A totally different income

A totally different life

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The Cyber Bootcamp: Career Ready Training in CyberSecurity with Mentoring & Accountability Support You Need


After spending decades in the cybersecurity domain in almost every sector; including public organizations, private companies, international positions at NATO and graduate faculties of universities, we wanted to reach out to more people and help them achieve their career goals in technology domains like systems administration, networking and cybersecurity!

As a team of highly experience industry professionals; we work with individuals to help them achieve their career goals through certification training, hands-on skills development, career mentoring and  job placement support.