5 Steps to Creating a Positive Influence in Your Infosec Career – BCS IRMA Webinar by Emin Caliskan

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We were honoured to join the virtual event organized by IRMA SG BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT titled: 5 Steps to Creating a Positive Influence in Your Infosec Career.

In this webinar, we shared tips and tricks about how to make an impactful transmission into cyber / infosec industry also highlighted powerful “language” to use when interviewing.

Some of the highlights we covered;

– Is COVID-19 a threat or an opportunity for your InfoSec career?

– Skills, experience, or something else? Where you should focus to create the highest impact on your cybersecurity career?

– 3 hidden questions every interviewer ask you, even if you don’t realize those questions.

– Busting myths: 1 out of 5 cybersecurity professionals join the industry with no technical background. Do you want to learn how do they do it?

– The role of effective communications to deliver your message

– What is “the problem” you’re solving?

– The difference between “what you say” and “how you say it” 3 C’s of highly effective communication.

– The “1 magical keyword” you can use in professional communications to double your influence

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