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 Success Stories

Our Graduates shared their experience with Feltsecure at the Christmas Meetup Event...

My Life has been totally changed as in my dreams in just a couple of months


IT Specialist

“If you actually follow the program, things will happen, things will come.

And if you are passionate about this, you will get a job”


SOC Analyst

“I'd never have done it without this support. Thanks a lot Emin and your team!”


Cybersecurity Business Developer

Emin encourages you to go over the challenge without giving up in the face of the challenges you face, and offers you the unique

guidance you need in your career !"


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

There was nothing in my hands before starting this journey in Feltsecure!


Cyber Security Analyst

And over 10 years of combined experience

As a cyber security professional and instructor who spent years in national & international organisations across the world and training more than 10,000 people online; I realized my true calling is to help passionate IT professionals to make a career move into the cyber security domain, so they can enjoy exciting responsibilities and earn premium salaries in the cyber security job they love ”

Emin Caliskan
Founder, CEO
What Our Clients Say
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Daniel Wilson
Instead of WASTING time with never-ending technical jargon or going back to college, Daniel doubled his salary in 3 months and started working as a CYBER SECURITY BUSINESS DEVELOPER! (Prior to joining Cyber Transform, OTHERS in the industry advised him to learn irrelevant stuff which he will never use in his dream job)

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Samuel Nickson

Once he realized his industry (Automative) is slowly dying, Samuel realized he needed to do something for his future and joined Cyber Transform.  

As a successful Project Manager with many years of experience, recruiters quickly noticed his potential as a PROGRAM MANAGER IN THE CYBER SECURITY domain and started calling him !

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Huseyin Yucekaya

It was really hard for me to get a job in the cybersecurity field no matter what I tried. All the companies I got in touch with requested 1-3 years of experience (which I didn't have).

After attending the Cyber Transform webinar and then signing up with the FeltSecure Masterclass Program, I noticed I was not following a plan and I didn't have a support system.

In just a couple of months, I received my Cybersecurity Certification and landed a job in Cambridge University Press as a Cybersecurity Analyst!

Thank you FeltSecure!"

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Sinan Akagunduz

Emin is a top notch security mentor I have ever met in our cybersecurity network. He is very modest person compared to the deep knowledge.  

You can see his passion from his eyes to share his knowledge when he teach any cybersecurity topic to you at any trainings or when you need his knowledge/experiences.  

He encouraged me to transform my career path from Network and Security area to Cybersecurity domain. He encourages you to go over the challenge without giving up in the face of the challenges you face, and offers you unique guidance in your career.

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Joseph  Mcdermitt

It's a pleasure to inform you all that I have passed C|EH v10 . It would not be achievable without guidance and inspiration of Emin Caliskan.I started the initial phase of my learning through Feltsecure and it gave me a clear understanding of the basics of ethical hacking.

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Jonathan Weber

"As an engineer with a long Telecom network experience, I have been enrolled in the cybersecurity certificate program to improve myself, especially in network security.  

First of all, we have access to very popular e-learning platforms for accelerated A + training to enhance basic technical knowledge. I also participated in cybersecurity career training, which will last from start to finish with mentoring and Q&& online program two days a week. I joined a group of great participants who were working in different fields.  

I believe that security expertise, which will be built on a good telecom network experience, will contribute to my future career and business opportunities.  

I would like to thank Mr. Emin Çalışkan and his team for their valuable support during the Cybersecurity certification program and training.  

I am also grateful to my group friends who have kept your motivation high by sharing valuable experiences and ideas."


I'm a 2nd year university student looking to start my career in cyber security after my graduation , Emin is genuine and was helpfuI by recommending strategies that could make this possible for me. I'd recommend FeltSecure to fellow students or  anyone that needs to discuss their career goals with a professional already in the field, I'll definitely be taking his advice and be looking to start my training with feltsecure as soon as possible

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